ATTENTION:  There's a gold rush happening online right now, and you can be a part of it. 

At Last! The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Profiting from Your Own WebTV Show or Video Podcast in Any Niche, Regardless of Your Background or Experience.

Dear Friend,

ou may be surprised to know that you can have your very own WebTV show 'on-air,' within 16 days from now, even if you have zero technical experience.

     And you don't need a 'CNN' size budget either...

     For the first time ever I've decided to share everything that I've learned about how to create and produce a profitable WebTV show.  It's the culmination of 17 years of production experience combined with my expertise as a 'maverick marketer'. 


The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Profiting
from Your Own Web TV Show.

     Why start your own WebTV show?  Here are 7 powerful reasons:

100% Recession Proof
Fast to start
Dirt Cheap Start Up Costs
No Special Education or Experience is Needed
Increasing demand
Highly Profitable
Untapped, virtually competition free

A WebTV show could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Think about these benefits.  For example, it's 100% recession proof.  How come? Because you're not asking your audience to buy anything!  Instead, you're simply inviting them to watch FREE content that will entertain and educate them.  In other words, you make money by giving something away for free!  How many other businesses do you know where you can do that?!

It's fast to start, with incredibly low costs.  You don't need any special equipment, software, or experience.  I'll show you how to have a show up and running, generating a profit within 16 days.

The demand is increasing, no doubt about that, and I'll prove that for you in a moment.

It's highly profitable.  It's easy to make  a full-time income from this part-time activity.  Do whatever you like with your free time.  How much can you earn?  That depends on you.  Realistically, the figure could range from a low of several thousand dollars to the high 5 figures every month.

Plus, this business has a host of other benefits that you might not have considered, like:

  Be Your Own Boss
Flexible hours (work when You want to)
  You can live anywhere in the world
Money comes in 24/7, even while you sleep
  You'll be a celebrity, with many valuable 'perks' 

How Popular is WebTV?

No doubt you're familiar with Hulu.  It's a way of watching all your favorite TV programs on one website.  Combined with Netflix and Amazon OnDemand, these and other services have rapidly accelerated the growth and interest in WebTV.

In the UK, the BBC's iPlayer has revolutionized the way people watch shows from that network.

ComScore, an independent research company found that in an average recent month, Americans viewed 12 BILLION videos online, a 45% increase over the previous 12 months!  Can you spot the trend here?!

FACT: The WebTV market is a multi BILLION dollar industry already, and it's just in its infancy.

WebTV is no passing fad.  It's here to stay because it has already proven itself as the next generation in the way people want to view TV shows.  First there was traditional TV.  Then came cable and satellite.  Now we have WebTV.

Consider these many benefits that people are discovering, when you compare traditional TV to WebTV:

Traditional TV

Web TV

Content has to remain broad and general

Content can be designed for niches and sub-niches

Not interactive.  Communication is one-way.

Easy and fun interaction between viewers and presenter

Shows are broadcast on a fixed schedule

On demand access, for the convenience of the viewer

Commercials bombard viewers every few minutes

No annoying commercials

Limited region where shows can be seen

No geographic boundaries, they can be viewed anywhere

But there's no need to take my word for any of this, I want to prove it to you.  Each of the shows below serve different niches, and these presenters are all making money from topics they love talking about!

WineLibraryTV GeekBeat
Tekzilla RocketBoom

But you might be wondering, if these shows are already established, is their room for a show in my niche?  Don't worry, there's plenty of room for your show!  There are MANY topics that have no shows currently.  For example, see if any of these topics spark your interest:

Dentists Fitness Guitar Instruction Programming
Hospitality Nutrition Excercise Dance
Chiropractors Magicians Human Resources Self Improvement
Sales training Weight loss Brainstorming Reflexology
Pest control Sports Animation Art
Real estate Financial planning Language learning MLM
Accountancy Nursing Webmasters Golf
Tennis tutors Taxi drivers Audio engineers Theatre
Street musicians Lawyers Woodworking Psychiatry
Acupuncture Archaeology Social workers Public Relations
Schoolteachers Surgeons Video editing Astonomy
Restaurateur Pilots Sales Bird watching
Writers Construction Software developers Printing
Surveyors Screenwriters Publishers Plastic surgery
Mortgage brokers Modelling Massage Therapy Scientists
Nanny Painting Choreography Robots
Doctor Bar tending Bookkeeper Plumbing
Fishing Make-up Artists Auto repair Electricians
Graphic Design Comedian DJ Diving
Insurance Geology Entertainer Interior design
Personal trainer Investing Gardening Journalism
Dog breeding Martial arts Negotiating Fireworks
Horses Embroidery Photography Karaoke
Card games Home theater Go-karting Quilting
Jewelry making Chess Scrapbooking Composing
Hiking Sewing Camping Backpacking
Paintball Sailing Skiing Poetry
Snowboarding Off-roading Aerobics AutoCAD

By the way, don't worry if you don't see your topic or niche on the list.  Even if there's a show out there already, remember that YOU are unique.  You can bring your own personality, experience, and insights to create a show that's completely different from anything else that's out there.

What Makes This Course Unique?

This is the 'ultimate' guide to creating a WebTV show for a number of reasons:

Firstly, this is not theory, it's based on proven experience and results.  Using the exact same system I reveal in the course, my show 'Help! My Business Sucks!' ( rocketed to the #1 spot in Apple iTunes and it dominates over 'goliath' like competition including Harvard Business Review, Advertising Age, and Business Week to name but a few.

Screenshot from Apple iTunes

Secondly, I'll help you make a profit from day one, just as I did with my show.  This is unheard of for many WebTV shows.  Why?  Because show producers are usually 'artists' not marketers.  There's a big difference. You can probably guess the result of focusing solely on the 'art' - many talented and creative producers and presenters go broke very fast!  With my help you won't make the same mistake.

Third, the course is presented in numerous formats to suit your preferred learning method - printed manuals, audios on CD, videos on DVD and illustrations are all included in this comprehensive system.

Fourth, I've removed jargon, buzzwords, and complicated language so that anyone can understand the system.  Rest assured, you won't be blinded by science!

What Does The Course Cover?

There are 4 key parts to the system:


- Decide on the topic and format for your show

oduce - Setup a camera and record your show

Publish - Upload the show to your blog or website

Promote - Invite the world to come and view your show

As you can see, I've divided the training into four parts to make it easy for you.  Now, what about your logical question:

"Does It Work - Can I Do It?"

Absolutely!  I've now lost count of the number of success stories from 'everyday' people like you who have created their own show as a result of following my blueprint.  Here's just a sample of screenshots from some of my favorites, in niches as diverse as tourism in Denmark, to veterinary surgeons, and from football to music production!


 Don't Fool Yourself That You Can Go It Alone!

     I know you might be thinking, "if this business is so simple why do I need this big course?" Why?  Because there are a LOT of costly mistakes that you'll make if you try do do it on your own.

    Frankly, why would you want to stumble and guess when I've already done that!  I've experimented with all kinds of ideas - some worked, some didn't.  You'll be getting a blueprint for everything that works, plain and simple.  I'm sure you'd agree that that has enormous value today in our busy lives.  Most of us can't afford to experiment and flail around while we test our own ideas from scratch.

Here's a sampling of what you'll learn:

  Where to host your videos for FREE (the videos will be MUCH larger and better quality than YouTube)
The simple formula for getting  viewers to come back week after week
  How to get sponsors to happily pay you $1,000 to $5,000 per episode
Video tour of my studio - learn what every piece of equipment does
  How you can be a celebrity, with many valuable 'perks' 
5 Simple words to hook the attention of the viewer (it works like magic)
  How to avoid being ripped off or misled when buying a camcorder and other video equipment, guaranteed
The incredible video management system you can use for FREE
How to get Hollywood sounding audio without a Hollywood budget
The foolproof way to position yourself as a respected expert and trusted advisor
How to position yourself against competition (if there is any) to dominate any market
The critical formula of Ed + En = P, and how to implement and profit from it
Cool Shortcuts to creating a show template to speed up the production process
5 Ways to prompt viewers to eagerly buy something without using any advertising or crafty 'tricks'

A Powerful, No Risk Guarantee for YOU

     If you're concerned about whether this is right for you, I've decided to guarantee the course with a 100% money back guarantee.  I'm giving you a full 30 days to try the system at my risk.  I'm sure you'd agree that's more than fair.  The terms of the guarantee are simple: just use the phone consultation included to allow me to advise you, then show me what you implemented from the course (and what happened).  I know that with my help you will succeed with WebTV.

Remember This Is Paint By Numbers

     I'll show you step-by-step, everything you need to do to get your show started and profitable, fast.  You simply need to be willing to follow instructions, that's all.

    By now, you're probably wondering what you get with the course, so let me explain all the components you'll receive:

Here's What You Get:

This course is comprehensive!  It contains printed manuals, audio CD's, DVD's, and data CD's - everything you need is here:

Module #1:
2 BIG binders
chock full of 197 pages of in-depth training about how anyone, regardless of their background or experience can put together and profit from their own WebTV show.

This is the heart of the course.



Module #2:

2 DVD Training set features more than 3 hours of in-depth video.

Simply pop the DVD's into your computer or DVD player, watch, and learn as I explain the entire system to you.

If you can watch TV, you can learn how to create your own profitable WebTV show.


Module #3:
3 Disc Audio CD set features more than 3 hours of the audio interview conducted by Fred Gleeck with me.

Listen at home, in your office, or in your car.

Module #4:
Video Tour of my video production studio.  With my background in production I built a high quality recording studio in my garage.  In this video you'll get a behind-the-scenes tour of how the studio is built, and I'll also show you every piece of equipment I use in the production of my 'Help! My Business Sucks! show.

Although it's not necessary for you to duplicate my setup, I wanted you to see the higher end options.

Module #5:
Video tutorial on how to upload your video to the free hosting site I recommend, and then embed it in your website or blog.

I personally created this video to show you the exact instructions for getting your video to appear on your website or blog.  It's the very same process I use for hosting my show.  No need to reinvent the wheel, just copy what I do!



Module #6:
Video recording of a special live presentation I did recently about how to create your own WebTV show.

Watch and learn as I dissect every second of my own show to explain what each element does and why it's in there.



Module #7:
Online video training series about how to setup a WordPress blog - this is what I recommend as the website for your show (it's also what I use).  This comprehensive video training program guides you through how to set up a WordPress blog from scratch.


Order Now and You'll ALSO Receive the Following

(I reserve the right to remove these from this page at anytime):

A 30 minute telephone consultation with me about ANY aspect of putting together your new show.  Grill me all you like!

You'll have my undivided attention for a full 30 minutes to ask whatever you wish.
(REAL $250 value)

34 killer web tools and resources to help you create your show.

BONUS 3: Quick start guide to show production gets you up to speed fast with the plan, produce, publish, promote system.

BONUS 4: Video sharing report gives you 205 places to promote your video for free.


BONUS 5: Video report about how to get sponsorship for your show.

This is a ridiculously simple way to get a business to pay you to mention them in your show.  A friend of mine developed the system.

You'll probably laugh when you see how easy it is.


BONUS 6: Video tour of another production studio.

Here's an opportunity for you to go behind the scenes at another production studio.  This guy runs a live weekly WebTV show as well as several recorded segments. 

You'll get to see a different production process from my own, along with the lighting and audio equipment for a different environment.



Video samples from a variety of popular WebTV shows.

Use these videos to 'spy' on other popular shows.  You'll get tons of inspiration and ideas for your own show.

Again, no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to designing your show.




BONUS 8: 30 days free access to, my new, and popular members only website where I reveal all the latest web tools and resources, with helpful video tutorials.  You'll get instant access for a month (after the 30 day trial you'll be automatically billed at the lowest price of $10 per month unless you cancel).


BONUS 9: Once your show is up and running, I'll consider featuring you on my 'Help! My Business Sucks!' show.

You'll get a flood of instant, targeted traffic to your website, an incredible value that's hard to calculate.

Oh, and one more very important thing to mention:

* Free priority shipping anywhere in the world

How Much Is It?

     Honestly, asking how much it will cost is the wrong question.  Really, the question is, 'how much will it cost you NOT to invest in this course?'  I say that sincerely because online video IS a gold rush that's starting right now.   It's as though you have the ability to go back in time and get shares in Microsoft or Apple when they were running the business out of a garage!

Online video will continue to become more and more popular.  Accept that reality NOW, and you can start profiting immediately.

I genuinely want to make this course available to anyone that is excited about the potential of online video.  Normally, information this in depth and comprehensive, presented in multiple learning formats would cost at least $2000.00 and even that would be a small price to pay because you could recoup that with a SINGLE show sponsor for ONE episode of your show (personally I charge more than that)!

But like I said, I don't want price to be a barrier of entry for anyone, so I'm not going to charge $2000.00, or anywhere near that amount.

Your investment for the whole package is just $997, which of course may be fully tax deductable as a training program.  And shipping is FREE!

Claim Your Copy Now!

YES!  Andrew, I want to learn the exact strategies and techniques to start my own profitable WebTV Show asap.

  • I understand I will receive the complete physical product of The Ultimate Guide to Creating & Profiting From Your Own Web TV Show including 3 DVD's, 5CD's, 30min telephone consultation with Andrew, and 197 pages of the best training information available.
  •  I will also receive 30 days free access to, the popular members only website for web tools and resources (subsequently $10 per month)

  • I will also receive Unlimited and Instant Access to the online training video series 'How to Setup Your Website' for your WebTV show.

Retail Price $2000.00 SALE Only $997 (+ free shipping)


Or Order By Phone During Office Hours (9am to 5pm MST) at


Question? Email us at


     P.S.  If you think that this information is nothing new, you need it more than anyone!  You stop stop earning.  Ignore online video and it'll cost you MUCH more than the price of this course. 

      Besides, if you order the course and you genuinely feel that you haven't received tremendous value from it, just tell me the ONE action step you took, and what happened, then return it within 30 days and I'll happily refund your money as long as you've done the phone consultation with me and implemented something from the course to create a new WebTV show for yourself.  I'd be very surprised if you did want to return it, but the offer stands.  If you've met the criteria for the guarantee as stated here, I'll honor the  100% money back guarantee.

Claim Your Copy of The Ultimate Guide Here


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"Andrew is on the cutting-edge and way ahead of his time."
- Nathan Bailey, Provo, UT


"I met Andrew at (Yanik Silver's) Underground Seminar #4.  He's awesome.  I followed what he told me and I've already increased sales by $20,000 a month!"
- John Jakabosky, CA


"I love the simple presentation, makes it so easy to implement."
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"I have a tremendous amount of respect for Andrew Lock. He's extremely knowledgeable and down to earth. Quite frankly, he's a fun guy to learn from."
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"I now know EXACTLY what to do. I know where to start. I know what to avoid, and I know each step along the way to make it happen. I am truly excited to add this cutting-edge knowledge to my expanding Internet businesses. Thank you, Andrew!"
- Dr Randy Cale,


"Don't hesitate at all, this is it. This will take you from beginner to experienced in no time. Andrew is very personable, very caring, very smart."
- JoLyn Cornelsen, Bush Prairie, WA


"You've.. shown me how to use (the system). I'm very excited about putting what I've learned into play. I learned about the wide scope of the Internet, and the wide range and scope of products. What Andrew showed me, what he's using, are really phenomenal. I'm not a technical person, so that's priceless."
- Michael Boyter, San Francisco, CA


"I really feel Andrew over delivered."
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"I have to admit that I'm very jaded with the whole 'Internet marketing' thing. This year alone I've spent close to $9,000 on programs and many of these things don't pan out. I'm at the point where I can't take it much longer.  I know from my own experience that ...the things Andrew talked about WILL work."
- Bryan Toder, Lafayette Hill, PA


"I recommend all of Andrew's information without hesitation."
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"I recently discovered Andrew Lock's renegade strategies and I am convinced they will improve my own business markedly to the
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"Andrew's information is easily by far the most comprehensive and valuable out of them all. He's made it simple, and it's all you need
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"I was totally amazed at such an easy to follow system to start generating more leads, more customers, and most importantly, more money! This is an awesome resource. Highly recommended."
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"From what I saw and from my own calculations, you'll definitely make your money back, I can't see how anyone wouldn't."
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"Andrew is a highly detail oriented and creative internet marketer. I've used several of his ideas and they have blown away my wildest expectations. Cheers & Thanks Andrew!"
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"Andrew, I loved the video, very good stuff, the BIG ideas from BIG brands segment was brilliant."
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"I met Andrew over a year ago when he hired me as an additional camera person at a conference he was videotaping here in Chicago. Andrew and his wife are lovely, down-to-earth people.  Andrew's Episode #1 offers great information so I'd say he's off to a great start. I love marketing (especially free marketing) so I'll be following you!"
- Kris Mandruccolo, Chicago, IL


"Great job on the first video. I can't wait for more. You really break the stuff down so it is simple to understand."
- merlik, The Viddler Team


"I love it! I love the concept, production, advice, and most of all - your t-shirt. I couldn't stop staring at it. I must have one!"
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"Your web TV show is really good, it is extremely professional... blows the junk that is out there away. setting a new standard with the bar high."
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" absolutely cool new broadcast that delivers renegade marketing messages
at my favorite price...No Charge! And No Opt in required! Andrew routinely is noted as
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"I especially liked that part where Andrew talks about the free marketing you can get from labeling your company name and logo on the shipping boxes. Shipping company workers sometimes read the boxes they handle during the shipping process and then there fore become informed of your company's product and may want to buy your company's product."
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"I really enjoy this web show. It manages to be both educational and fun to watch. All of the tips are great and I love how real people's questions are answered. I consider it a "must watch" if you have a business or are thinking of starting one."
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"Andrew is a great host. He presented great information that had the potential to be boring in a fun, upbeat manner. He actually made me WANT to learn more! Great show!"
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This video is extremely informative. It has great info for new business owners.


The relevance of this podcast was questionable to me at first. But I have to tell you thought it was great! Andrew is not just splitting out facts -he is truly entertaining! Worth the watch!
- Nan


I'm a young entrepreneur and I tend to find marketing the most intimidating aspect of business. Andres does a great job of making this content fun and easy to swallow. I look forward to his weekly show and I find myself constantly recommending it to other. Thanks you Andrew, please keep us the great work.
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Andrew does a great job of really teaching- of clearly showing helpful tips and tricks, as well as the resources we can use to implement them. I feel like I got such a great value just in one episode - definitely a show to subscribe to!
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I watched episode #22 of this podcast, and will probably watch others now that I am acquainted with this website. Mr. Lock presented several useful marketing tips that I can use in promoting myself and my business, using existing companies as examples, and he did so in a non-rambling way. I feel that my ten minutes was well-spent.
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I really enjoyed my first time watching Andrew's show and I will definitely be back for more. I always appreciate an easy to follow dialogue, and the info was all important good to know stuff: the quality and layout of his own show I found was also a good example of what to do right, thanks Andrew!
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This show had great ideas presented humorously. I thought the suggestions would be useful for any sort of business, big or small, and I will definitely look at this in the future to drum up ideas to improve my business to be.
- SuctionBunny


Andrew Lock cracks me up! I loved the spoof he did on how things would be if Microsoft had done the marketing for the Ipod. It is funny, but true… Microsoft tends to bombard you with information to the point that you are so overwhelmed you are disgusted. Part of what is great about the current marketing for the Ipod is its simplicity. Certainly, less can be more!
- azoreanGirl83


Andrew Lock's program gets your attention in a humorous way, but humor does not detract from his sound business advice. He gives great ideas, and I am looking forward to the next episode.
- Pierette


Great info., Great host!  I loved Andrew's ideas about thinking out side of the box on business cards.


I like the bit about the general business card. True, it may be just the right size to fit in a pocket or wallet, but if there is not anything special about the marketing or packaging, no one is really going to want to hang on to a small, rectangular piece of cardboard, are they?
- KayTea


That is an interesting note about business cards all being the same. I disagree that a book or DVD would wow someone, though. I think a rainbow of colors or a bigger size of business card would be better. That was a cute graphic about standing out from the crowd. Sounds like a good idea about naming thins after countries. And I lived in England for 2 ½ years, so I know a thing or two about Brits. Look forward to the Vista Print episode.
- Anet


This podCast is awesome.  I can relate to a lot of what Andrew says and he keeps me on my toes at all times out of my mind by the time the PodCast is over, rather clicking around to get to the next one. He has given me a lot great ideas to help me my own day spa let alone the courage to do so. I think when I get my business open, I want Andrew to be my marketing team! Hahaha. Keep up the good work Andrew!
- Rachaell


Andrew knows his stuff that is for sure. The way the information is presented is very engaging, without being sill. He comes across as accessible, which is a good thing. For someone new to marketing, or those just looking to hone their skills, this podcast would be a great asset to you.
- Lu


Very interesting material with several tips I will use. I recommend the website and the pod casts.
- Pat8ar


Thank you for calling things like they are. All of the advice you have given through out each podcast has been very helpful for me. I have been recommending your podcast to everyone I know. Thanks again!
- Boisecraigs


By an active demonstration of the exceptional impact of the size of business cared, Lock again stands out from the crowd.
- MRK999


Andrew presents many useful business tips in a way that is both fun and interesting. Plenty of valuable presented in entertaining way that contrasts greatly with the typical boring instructional business show.
- Woden1


Very entertaining and informative. Made me laugh out loud several times as well! I love the outside-box thinking that helps me look at things in new ways and come up with more creative ideas. Great material here.
- Kittyparadox


I thought that this particular podcast was helpful. I will be sharing these tips with some of my friends.
- Syfer2


Hey! Great idea of handling out DVD's or book about business instead of a business card
- Paul


Finally somebody points out the truth about business cards, at least what you said made some sense. I admire your creative genius and insight.
- PB


The most informative video on iTunes.  Just from this 12 minute video I learned a heck of a lot! I will be subscribing in order to improve my business.
- Paul675


Innovative and creative marketing ideas on how to promote your business and make more money. This video provides tips on how to go above and beyond normal marketing concepts to make your business more noticeable. A must see for business owners.
- GK


Andrew Lock is a genius.  I have listened to him for a while and he has come up with countless ways to help me out. Thanks.
- Chuckme416


Excellent program.  This was a great little segment. I love this tips from Big Brands.
- Jeste


This was my first time watching "HELP" and I must admit that I was quite impressed. I picked up some pretty useful tips and tricks, probably never would have thought of them on my own. I will definitely be coming back to watch more episodes.
- MR9317


This is a great podcast for people who actually own a business. I work from home for other business, but I hope some day to have my own business doing something - what I do not know. Hopefully doing medical transcription, once I get the training and some experience under my belt. When that happens I will definitely come back to this podcast for tips!
- EMartin1974


A down-to-earth guy giving great advice.  I really enjoyed this podcast! Andrew Lock comes across as just an average guy, and he gives great advice. Unlike other podcasts with similar content, Andrew does not come off as the least bit pretentious and he does not talk to you like you are an idiot. If you want sensible advice from a great source, check out this podcast.
- Rob E


With a handful of very clear and applicable ideas each episode, Andrew Lock offers easy to use marketing advice (most of them no or low cost) in bite size episodes. Give an episode a try and I suspect you will subscribe.
- MrktyP


This was so simple, yet helpful. Hint after helpful hint, in less than 10 minutes. If you have problem, or if you just want some good advice, watch and learn. Loved the part about the secret code. What a concept.
- YY


Funny but insightful Business Advice.  I found this podcast easy to listen to with very good advice at improving your business whether it is falling, struggling, or could just use a few extra dollars of revenue.
- Nuvious


This is a funny show but it is quite informative good tips for your Business. You learn something without realizing it.
- JK


He is very informative and helpful. I have been thinking about starting a business lately and I will definitely watch the rest of this videos and subscribe to his podcast. I also completely agree about the door to door salespeople. I do not trust them and never buy anything from them. I would much rather purchase something from a store. You can compare prices, and if anything should happen to go wrong you can bring it back and exchange it or get a refund.
- Fattycakes


I found to be catchy, very positive and high energy. Full of very useful tips and guides without average and boring.
- BlondeBasil


I have been looking for helpful information for business information. This is a great show so easy to watch and to listen to he helpful information. Andrew provides a platform that include information with humor and it make it helpful to listen to him.
- Heikkiham


I love the podcasts. There were a lot of great that I fell are frequent overlooked when trying to market a business or product. My favorite suggestion presented in this podcast was the "code word" or "secret menu" idea - something I'd personally never thought about - but believe would work wonders for getting people in the door.
- A Bracken


Andrew provides helpful tips and trick that may be very beneficial to your business. If your business is in a bit of a slum, Andrew just may have the advice you need to get you through your obstacle.
- Mikeplus


Mr. Lock is quite knowledgeable about how business works. He alerts consumers to the underhanded ways that some businesses operate. He provides lots of good tips on how to improve your own business without spending lots of money. The only thing I do not like about is how Mr. Lock speaks a little too slowly and softly. Also, the transitions music is a little bit cheesy. However… the content is great.
- H Henri


This slow is both entertaining and educational. I have a few small businesses that I run from home and these tips will be very helpful in increasingly my sales and customer base.
- Mompreneur


This is a really fun show to watch. I especially liked the reader's mail section. It was good interaction with the community. Overall, I totally recommend the show and will subscribe to it.


Practically revolutionary.  Great informative lesson that really goes against the grade of the majority of the material out there. I actually learned something from this one. Great work, I will applying a lot of these lessons real soon.
- Unknown


Video provided good info, especially in the Big Lessons from Big Brands section.
- BC Red


This guy is really sharp and know a lot about the little thins that can make a big difference.
- Jr W


Ideas, well presented. Got me Thinking.  Great podcast. Offers great tips, illustrated by examples of what others are doing. Andrew made me thing about how I can tailor my product to appeal to customers with distinctly different needs.
- Amy Yao


I really liked this clip! The marketing strategies he gave were very interesting. The advice he gave the TX resident was valuable telling here to write a book to bring customer to her. The Excedrin scenario was interesting as well. Same exact pill in each box just targeted towards a different person to increase sells. Pretty innovative and clever.
- Tim Y


Funny stuff Andrew.  Totally loved it I watch American Apprentice. UK apprentice has to be great.
- Pete I


I love!!! This program.  I cannot wait for the next episode to come out. I never thought about the rebranding idea before. I knew companies did that but never thought about putting it to use in our own every day life… such an inspiration. I am so glad to hear about your show. You rock.
- Tina W


I though the bit about how identical products can be packaged and promoted differently to increase sales. It is a good tip, to direct your product towards what the consumer is looking for, despite what it is. It is all in advertising and this show makes it simple.
- Walter L


I really appreciated what you had to say. The advice was unique and very helpful thank you.
- Keifosi


This is the first time I have seen this show. It is really interesting. Andrew has some really good ideas. What he says really makes a lot of sense when you thing about it. Great stuff I will watch again.
- Deiwi


So that is your advice?  Write a book to fake that I am an expert on something so people would come to me for advice and that was my business grow faster? Brilliant!!! Its great idea, plus if you can not really get the people to come to you I am sure that selling on Amazon you will probably get some revenue anyways. Great advice.


I found the show highly enjoyable and informative. Andrew Lock is a quirky and amusing host who does not appear rehearsed, simply knowledgeable. I am brand loyal consumer, and if I am dissatisfied with the way I have been treated: companies lose me forever. And you better believe I warn everyone I know when it comes to be a business with poor customer relations management.


This show rocks. I love how you bash on companies in a "nice way."
- Boohayk


Great info about Spot Runner. Sounds like a great ideas. Thanks for the tip.
- Gershwin


Point blank this is great show. This show offers great insight and makes you laugh at the same time.
- Sean O Brien


I was pleasantly surprised by this show. I was not expecting the host to be British, for one, and I liked the tone of his voice from the very start. He gave an entertaining story about his frustrating experiences with Dell Computers and a refurbished monitor he was sent by them. I had no idea Dell's policy was to replace thins with refurnished items. This seems like pretty lousy customer service and this guy (Andrew) deserves some props for revealing it, nice show, and excellent job.
- Dave D


Love this podcast, very interesting, especially the useful websites.
- Leemu


Very good podcast in term of how "poor business" will affect your business. Policies implemented by Dell were not favorable and left a bad impression on the customers. Policies are not unbendable and the customer is always right. All DELL had to do in this scenario was to keep the customer happy by being flexible. A poor experience by a customer will affect your bottom line. Disappointed customers will tell approximately 7 people about bad experience. Happy customers will tell approximately 1 person. By keeping your customers happy and avoiding disappointments, your business will grow. Case studies like this using real world examples and then explaining the lessons learned would make this a very valuable program for the small business owner (and corporate giants as well).
- Maddog


Good marketing is the key to every successful business. Andrew gives a lot of useful info in a mere 8 minutes. Keeps you tuned in with the humor too.
- G Burns


What great advice for small business owners. I have my own business and his advice on Dell has caused me to only by refurbished Dell products in the first place and I have changed all my shipping needs to FedEx if I must ship UPS to go without useless insurance. I also wanted to get my name out there and his suggestion of is really helpful for creating a commercial.
- I Jo


I felt this video had useful information if you plan on making a purchase with the DELL anytime soon. Theinformation was pretty easy to follow with his entertaining way of delivering.
- E&I


I really enjoyed Andrew's real life stories that we can all relate too and how the content provides helpful tips as well.
- MrBob


I loved this show. I learned some new things and it was very interesting to listen to. He was very informative and funny.
- T Miller


Wow I just bought a new computer and actually considered DELL, glad I did not know. Again Andrew very good show and awesome information. Well done, I always enjoy seeing your work.
- Debra Carol


Andrew Lock gives great info in every episode that everyone can use. He keeps in simple which is one of his tips and it works. I really feel that his advice can help anybody improve their profits, and he does it with style.


Great information and very helpful. These suggestions will definitely benefit my marketing strategies.
- Drock Rock


Thanks you so much. You have given me lot to think about. I rated it 5 stars.
- Brannan


Andrew has some genuinely great ideas. His tips on keeping this simple and giving references as with his Google are helpful to any business. His videos are always entertaining to watch also, never boring. Looking outside the box is beneficial for marketing strategies.
- J Francis


This is a great show, I really enjoyed it for the fact that this video is pretty easy to follow and is pretty entertaining. I wish more business advice videos were like this.
- Carbon FX


I went to and love the tool. I am a very impatient! The thought that Google succeeded because they made their website simple, without all the added crap, is simple and very true. Less info is better sometime. Last but not least, the taglines used to grab my attention for the next episodes were awesome; I am going to go watch it now.
- Ruth Zinda


Andrew has great advice on marketing. He really covers all aspects of the entrepreneurial world. Plus his awesome accent makes him fun to listen to.
- Josh K


Nice informative information about gas prices and ways to ease the pay of the high rates. The Google concept is helpful in finding ways to market your business. Google is popular right now so to get ideas on how to use the resource was helpful. Nice accent.
- Cool V


I am surprised at all of the different solutions to the rising fuel costs for businesses. As business owners we will definitely be putting some of these into action as best as we can. I think that it is important for all of us to be smart about how we spend our money and this video sure helped with new ideas.
- SK Fox


This video with a friendly and liable hose has lots of excellent tips to help you succeed in marketing your own business. The advice to keep things simple really is a valuable piece of info.
- Calco


I thought the video was really interesting and gave me some helpful tips to market my product such as it is and interesting and unusual way. It shows how I can develop my product to be an excellent product and was thoroughly interesting from start to finish.
- Ben2800


This series gives great tips to improve your marketing. I specially like the answers to questions he receives because he gets specific in putting ides into action. He also showcases tools available to aid in marketing that I had no heard of before. Definitely worth the watch.
- Kalban


Loved the humor and valuable information provided. I totally agree with the unusable web2.0 names out there. I will definitely tune in for nest month episode.
- Solargies


Andrew's presentations are great and entertaining. His shows are full of very useful information. Highly recommended.
- Martin Baird


Very insightful. It is such a simple thing, but you make a good point by suggesting that new businesses name themselves something that people can spell. It is the same principle behind making commercials annoying, I suppose. Whatever you have to do, make your product memorable to people.
- NKas


This is very practical podcast for entrepreneurs of, really, any size. The hose gives impregnable tips with bad examples (hard to understand or spell website names) and great examples (the little blender that could - giving your site some pizzazz).
- CD Bullock


What an amazing podcast. Andrew is informative and entertaining.
- Rhapsodical


As a quick once a week podcast, I'd keep coming back. I particularly liked the opening segment about naming Web2.0 sites. Only issue, he looks HUGE behind that desk. Otherwise, really well produced!
- Tlyden


This show was great. I found it very interesting. There were many useful ideas to make a business better.
- Bubble F


Andrew Lock is pretty funny and very easy to follow. His topics are quick, interesting and relevant to anyone working in the modern world (not just marketers). This podcast is not only informational, but very fun. I look forward to each new release like I would a little television show.


Can someone really make marketing advice fun and entertaining? Andrew Lock does in this clever and innovative podcast. I never thought I could enjoy watching someone talk about business basics, but he manages to keep his audience engaged while giving out some really helpful and insightful information. A must see for every entrepreneur.
- Bellabel


I really like your videos they are interesting and informative. You had some great topics this week the Blender one is my favorite.
- Richard G


The bit about people creating names for the company that nobody knows how to spell me laugh endlessly.
- Jman08


Andrew's tips are great. His knowledge of marketing and tricks that can help out a business is both entertaining and useful. I will keep everything he says in mind for my next business endeavor.
- Smartslope


Watching this podcast provided some useful information. Anyone wanting to jump into the web2.0 business could learn useful some tips here. He points some tools that make it easier to make you're site pop, even if you are a novice.


Slightly brilliant, slightly educational, all business. This pod really helps those who are beginner level entrepreneurs and even some higher level ones too. The advice is clear, convincing and pretty good too. Subscribe if you need that little extra boost.
- Mirari


I found this video (episode #15) to be very informative and easy to watch. Now I look forward to viewing the rest of the series.
- Nylan


Great show that gives great information on marketing. Explains the customer experience from a marketing point of view. Creative ideas and gave me a lot to think about.
- Eric S


I found it very interesting and informative. The best part was the sense of humor I found in the website, while still being taught something! Great work.
- Snunez


Andrew Lock is quite intelligent. I Loved episode #14 with the whole cereal box and packaging information. VERY informative. It might not be all the time WHAT is contained in the package, but what is ON the package and how it reel the customer in! Awesome tips! Thanks
- Megita


Interesting advice about how to help if you have a mediocre, floundering business. Has good examples and speaks in language that easily understandable.
- Tumor12


 This was my first time watching your show and I did not regret it. You provided some great information that I think will be great as I look to the web to advertise and grow my business.
- Tam


I found Mr.Lock to be friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the part about Tiffany's branding ideas about providing a quality service for the affluent and not being afraid to charge for it. Very good show.
- 33Astar


Andrew Lock knows what he is talking about. I do not know how he gets away with giving away fee advice, but I am glad he does - very unique ideas you won't find anywhere else. Subscribe and get in on these marketing techniques today.
- JP


Episode #14 was great. Very entertaining and helpful. I suggest this to anyone looking for help with their business.


I was surprise how easy-to-understand and useful the videos are. Andrew's individual take on thins is refreshing and he is so sensible abut it all - not trying to sensationalize things. I particularly enjoy the "Ask Andrew" section - very interactive.
- Commalone


I loved this show; it is full of great information that is actually practical and useful. Not only that but it is presented with humor and in a very down to earth and easy to understand sort of way. I highly recommend it.
- J Blo


Andrew Lock is great! Learn about and also about how you can charge a premium by knowing to package your goods. Andrew uses a cereal box and Tiffany's as example and answers a question from a massage therapist.
- Fec


Finally somebody is saying what I have been thinking about cell phones. This guy is a good representative of the consumer and he has pretty entertaining too. I am definitely going to keep watching.


I was actually very surprised to find how informative Andrew is. The video explains great ideas for marketing and even talks about real companies which is very helpful. I learned a lot about how people may thing companies are not the best but they are laughing their way to the bank. A lot of the suggestions made me think and I can not believe I did not think of some of the ideas offered. I will definitely keep watching.
- Danni


I love the preview trailer. The whole site is entertaining and simply unboring. Great images, EASY to understand and actually funny! I like Andrew's accent too! Keep up the good work!
- FiggiWiggi


It was a lot of fun. You were informed in a relaxed atmosphere. I will definitely be back!
- Chef Sheila


I truly enjoyed about the iPhone and hearing that it truly is all that is cracked up to be. I have been wanting to purchase one for quite some time now but have been hesitant in doing so. Andrew's tips on helping their sales strategies by looking into free shipping was also genius. It is all so true, to think anytime I have ordered something online the key things I look for are SALE and Free Shipping! Andrew is great and his accent makes him all the more charming.
- S Mowly


This video gave me some really good ideas about marketing and web hosting. Video is very professional looking complete with excellent transitions and music. Andrew Lock's voice is soothing and will inspire you to make money online! There are some indispensable marketing tips in here so do not sleep people. Catchy phrase… get more done and have more fun.
- Maroon G


Wow, all I know that I am ordering all my shoes from Zappos. It cost me 12 bucks for shipping from Addida, but all about the free shipping, rock on Zappos! BTW, why would anyone want the jitterburg phone? Oh and the new trailer was Hilarious!!!
- Ryan Cordle, Romulus MI


Andrew's reviews of current strategies from some of the world's top companies, along with his own insight advice, are excellent combination for this show. And by acting casually rather than as "strictly business", Andrew seems to be able to bridge the gap to emerging entrepreneurs who might be intimidated by some of the other resources out there.
- Tay


Most shows like this come across as boring, but Andrew kept my attention throughout the episode. Found his point of view on the iPhone to be very interesting considering some of the press they have gotten lately.
- Elle27


I like this podcast. He has a good insiders look, and gives a good general overview prepared with rare insider information. Worth a look.


Seems that these changes have gone further under the radar than they should have. Very informative.


I was skeptical at first, but this video was awesome. I have been aware of the changes with EBay but was confused about a lot of it. Andrew gave all the dirt about the changes and explained them perfectly. It was extremely helpful as my wife and I are starting to sell thing on a regular basis on the site. GREAT VIDEO.
- Jack C


This show really had some interesting insights and help in marketing. I watched the episode on EBAY and I was kept me watching with some really good points. Particularly about the way sellers are scored and the effort that EBAY has to make to ensure that all changes are positive. All in all, rather informative and helpful.
- M Carey


More info on EBAY! Unexpectedly was very entertaining. I never knew marketing could be so interesting. Very to the point, with some no nonsense options.
- MegTay


The information in Lock's podcast was much better than I expected, it is current, relevant and accurate. Lock is obviously knowledgeable and his delivery is quite pleasant. The tips given would definitely help entrepreneurs refine their marketing. Great podcast.


I honestly enjoyed this podcast. Combining useful information with subtle humor, while keeping the report short and to the point, I thought it was perfect. I especially liked the joke about business schools, and found the Mint site to be a great resource that I had not heard about.


Since I have never had a Costco membership, I had no idea what there return policy was. Their return policy alone is reason to join. I will be hunting for the store nearest my home.
- SL Wise


I really liked this little segment. I think that Andrew is a very good personality. I am not sure why I am mysteriously more inclined him because of his British accent. But I liked his little segment on ‘ask Andrew', though I am not so sure if a 70 year old lady would want to give talks on cruises.
- Eve


Wow! This is the most entertaining WEB TV show I have come across in a long, long time. I can not wait for the next episode.
- K Kay


I really liked what Andrew had to say about improving your business. I was really interesting in the eBay side of it, because I am on eBay. I also really enjoyed how he answered questions during the show… what a great show.
- Dom


Although I thought that the question part of this show was totally useless, the plug for was very useful. You should try to add some more interesting question to the show.
- DP


Perhaps the best things about this podcast is that it manages to import fantastic pieces of advice without a lot of filler. Short, to the point recommended are given, in a fun and engaging way that does not waste time you could be spending building your business.
- Kristen Gipson


This offers some good advice. I already use, so I especially recommend that site for money and budgeting. I also liked the comparison of EBay to I thought that was an interesting perceptive.
- Sue Price


Andrew's show is fun, quick and informative. I especially liked the links that he refers to throughout the show. The running timer at the bottom nightlights a related link to the topic. The archive of past episodes is easy to navigate. I think this would be a good page for a high school business class to regularly visit and learn from.
- Dubba


I have heard rumors about eBay like you discussed. I liked Craigslist better than eBay. Enjoyed the video.
- Jim Dunn


 Andrew was interesting to watch and kept my attention the entire 9 minutes and 24 seconds. I found the information about eBay particulary interesting because I have made minor attempts to do business on eBay without success. The information about Costco was interesting and so true.
- Mattie


I like what you said about Costco's return policy. You are right about that customer loyalty.
- Chelsea C


I liked Andrew's video. It is very informative. He uses business examples like eBay and Costco to let you know what do to and what not to do with your business. Even if you are not a business owner Andrew's clip will benefit you. His report on will help anyone who has trouble keeping track on their money.


I was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of knowledge that Andrew's marketing show provided. So many clever, offbeat ideas that work. I am excited to try out some of the sites and tips that were recommended.
- Jack L


I was not sure if I would like Andrew's show but I actually found it very entertaining and kind a helpful. Overall this is a very good show. You should definitely watch it.
- Qnz


I thought Andrew Lock's video was excellent - it presented information that was new to me, but it did so without boring me to death with petty details. Overall, I ended up much more educated about business in general (particular eBay), as well as mildly entertained. Excellent work!
- Jackson P


Great coverage of news and events for entrepreneurial types and small business owners. Plus awesome t-shirt worn by the host. Have a look.
- Kersey


Great job. I am very interested in hearing more about what is going on with eBay.
- Morgan M


I love the video and it was very educational, I did not realize that Costco had such a liberal return policy - on one hand it is good because it allows the customer to feel confident in their purchase and let them know that Costco will stand behind their product. The bad thing is that people will tend to abuse the policy and it will cause the cause of thing to go up in the store even more than what they naturally will because of all the damaged and returned products that are non sellable. I think they might want to find a happy middle with the return policy.


I liked the part about Costco's return policy. I have been having that exact issue with Target. I received a bunch of baby clothes as gifts that are Target only brands and they do not fit my daughter. But Target's return policy is so ridiculously strict that I can not return them. Since they were gifts, I do not receipts, but you can only return two ITEMS per calendar year with one driver's license. So I have to find other people to return them for me.
- Mkm


Andrew knows what he is talking about. I can not believe we see over 16,000 advertisements a day! Andrew presented another reason why Wal-Mart is the cream of the crop.
- Cameron


Wow a great source of information. I was able to learn several important marketing ideas here. This guy was helpful in the way I decided to steer my business. Thanks Andrew.
- R Elvis


I loved the little snippets of wisdom on this show. Some of the business related statistics are extremely staggering, and ultimately very interesting. Andrew Lock also offers extremely relevant tips about how to "survive" in the complicated world of business. Check out this show. Amazing.
- S Freezy


I loved your talk.  Your resources were great and I came back to the office and immediately joined your membership site.
- Cindy Speaker, West Chester, PA


Bundling your way to a million dollars
- Prostyle


Great show. Solid for people just starting out in the world of business. This guy needs a full hour on cable.
- Slived


I just happened across this podcast and I am hooked. As a business person, I am excited about the quick and easy things I can do add value for my customers. I am constantly trying to come up with the "big bang" when all I need is bang for the buck. Thanks Mr. Lock.


Though the host did not wow me with his soft nature and silly t-shirt, the show had solid and helpful content delivered concisely and readably. The show itself was done fairly professionally, and the time bar at the bottom with convenient hyperlinks and caption was a great touch. Overall, a very watchable show.
- MarkHeftler


 A wealth of knowledge. Andrew Lock has a light hearted and practical approach to management and marketing. His answers to viewer's questions are simple and thoroughly explained. His video is upbeat and hip with a hint of humor.
- Myt


This video was very informational and insightful. This was the first video I watched by Andrew Lock, but I was surprised by how much I actually got from it. I liked the unconventional way of selling secret of Walmart's which actually make sense. And the advice you gave to the writer about how to enhance his webpage was helpful enough for anyone who wants to perk it up and it make more accessible for a larger viewer base.
- Diva8


Who knew marketing and entrepreneurs could be so entertaining. Very well written, useful information, and a charming host does not hurt. I couldn't believe the 16,000 ads a day statistic. This podcast can be for anyone, not only those with their own businesses.
- Impeach


Show is very professional and helpful. Really enjoyed the way you answered the viewers questions. It was very thorough.
- Wink


A great couple of pointers in his video for some common mistakes I see in small business. Banal products and bad websites. Looking at an actual listener's website gives a great example of the common things people get wrong and the idea about bundling is a great way I never thought of to add some visual punch and the feeling of value to an otherwise pedestrian product shelf. Some things I am definitely going to work in somehow.
- Wintermut3


I found this website to be very informative and quite educational. I especially liked their information on Walmart and bundling techniques. So if you get a chance check this website out.
- Wiskbob


I loved the talk about Wal-Mart and packaging. That was some very great insight and I look forward to seeing the next episode.
- Tigre


This happened to be a very well done video explaining in detail the many ways advertisement is bombarding our lives each day. It is a very useful tool for anybody wanting to get into the marketing business and learning the strategic on how to approach it in the best way.


Great information, greatly delivered
- Paula1


I loved this. I have tried to contact Google and had never thought about it in the way it was explained. I was only thinking about me and not the billions of other websites. I also liked the bundling idea form wal-mart. I will really have to give some thought to that.
- Realit


Help! My business Sucks! is a slick and simple program about how advertisers are saturating users on the internet and on TV. Andrew Lock breaks it down about how much we are exposed to advertising and some useful tips to help with your website. There was a lot information given for such a short clip. Love the t-shirt!
- Dealit


I found this video to be informative and entertaining for what it was. Considering the subject material can be more than a little boring, he does a good job of keeping I t light and interesting.
- Imk


Learned a lot in a short amount of time. Excellent speaker, easy to understand.
- Macdog1967


Andrew is a funny looking guy, so it can make it a little fun to watch him. The best thing is he is very intelligent.
- Kenzie1313


First, love the t-shirt. But also, I really enjoyed this podcast, particularly the Wal-Mart bundling tip. Great idea that I will certainly try in my home based internet business.
- Tattygirl


This was interesting and very informative. I like the humor added and the how understandable the answers were.
- Harp


The show gave a new perspective on how to improve you business, very informative.
 - Thegame6649


This video is very helpful and straightforward. Andrew Lock speaks and right to the point while also showing you specific examples about what he is talking about, i.e. screenshots of products he reviews, etc. I recommend watching these episodes to help you understand marketing concepts that other companies employ and also to hear what Lock's opinion of them is.


An entertaining and educational video. I was not aware of just how prevalent advertising is. The advice given to Bob about his website is very worthwhile, and I hope a lot of people pay attention to it. ‘Upright' looks interesting as well, what a time saver that could be.
- Chussell


Andrew is very clear in the advice he gives. He is well informed and passes that on to the viewer. Great job Andrew!
- Loria


Clearly, the show captured the ways that Wal-mart and other businesses can be successful by weeding out competitors. Also, It took an interesting look into how and why Google sorts Websites. It provided some great information for the average consumer.
- Crimsonzachy


Andrew makes marketing entertaining. I loved how his stories inspired me to try new things with my business. I can not wait to watch more of his shows.
- Amy Run


The information you put out there was everything that I was looking for. This guy really goes into detail on everything that you need to know. I am going to pass this on to my friends.
- cDepDang


Andrew used humor and great examples to drive home the importance of effective marketing to sustain and grow your business.


I just got done watching this video and was impressed by the types of tips given. I especially liked the tip from Cirque du Soleil. It was informative, and reminded me to always challenge conventional thinking. It also made me want to go see the show.
- MnMar


This great informative video that gives excellent examples of how marketing can be used in any field. I found it very interesting how describes Cirque de Solei and their marketing strategies. This video is a must see.
- Cristina28


I find his videos very entertaining. He is very down to earth and he explains everything on a level I can relate to. He is very knowledgeable and has some amazing ideas. His video are put together so well and there are never dull moments. They are 100% pure entertaining. Andrew Lock Rocks!
- Kimiteg


Creative and concise, Andrew Lock has terrific suggestions and ideas for marketing improvement. He uses great examples of ads and marketing techniques that lead to a wealth of ideas and inspiration for the listener and his T-shirt is really cool.


This was a very informative video. It really brought home that the little things in customer service can make or break business.
- Qb907


This video provides many great solutions to help amp up a slumping business. Not only that but it does so in a very relatable, and humorous way which helps put things in perspective for any current or potential business owner.


As I watched this podcast I was impressed by the knowledge of the presenter. I enjoyed his relaxed manner. It is a pleasant change from other presenters who rant and yell with feigned enthusiasm. I got the feeling that Mr. Lock was genuinely interested in the business strategies he reviewed. His comments were on point and could easily be adapted to suit other businesses. The only criticisms I have of the podcast is that Mr. Lock seemed to blend into the black desktop because of his black t-shirt and dark hair. I like that he is not wearing a suit and that he is not trying to look like a Fortune 500 executive. But I think he needs to wear something more colorful.
- FJ


I found that there where two very good points made in this episode. The first being, marking is everything and everything is marketing. The second has to do with how Cirque du Soleil reinvented the circus, making it more appealing and therefore more profitable.
- MrLynd


Andrew's "outside the box" thinking is refreshing, enlightening and motivating. With his guidance, I believe that my business, as well as yours, can profit from "unconventional marketing.
- KraziKari


A funny, direct, somewhat loudmouth approach hooks and reels us in. Andrew Lock focuses on the two keys to successful marketing - eliminating what is expected, bringing in a fresh angle - and delivers with a surprising amount of energy for someone tucked into a desk. Like seltzer-water on a hot afternoon. Zizzle!
- Sibylyrene


I really like the points that Andrew brought up regarding modifying a lackluster industry, with simply cutting out the boring parts of that main vertical.
- Onyxmoon61


I love this video - more so his shirt. But it was really cool listening to him describes ways to take one product and make it other products as well. Whether it be making it bigger, smaller, or just changing the packaging. Great ideas.
- Princess Honah


Andrew Lock is one authentic guy, He has a quality podcast with marketing tips, tricks and common sense that most companies do not take advantage of, they are very easy to implement and use. This is one quality resource to any company.
- John R


Enjoyed the show. Was very entertaining. Held my interest and provided interesting information.
- Sdc72


This video really emphasizes one of the basic tenants of a great business. Everything is marketing for the company, be it good or bad. First impressions are lasting ones and helpfulness makes every customer fells that they are important. Nice job.
- Cloubeale


Andrew gives great advice on being CREATIVE in marketing your business and standing out from the normal boring, unappealing advertising. A must see for new small business owners of even old ones.
- Hackdaddy248


That is great advice for business owners. Keep up the good work.


Andrew presents his message using the techniques that he presented in this fun, encouraging and helpful video. His straight-forward information enveloped in charm makes me believe I can also discover creative, unconventional marketing methods to help my business.
- PCamp


Andrew's show is awesome. He give some great marketing tips in an easy to understand manner. He provides wonderful examples to help you understand what he is talking about. He also adds a bit of humor which makes his show funny and pleasant.


I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this podcast. I do not own a business but I did learn how I could improve my own customer service. Fun Format.
- Melbatoas…


His shirt in episode 9 is really amusing. I like how he pointed out that everything you do reflects you and your business. He is completely right that marketing is not just commercials and publications- it is every interaction you have with your customers.
I was also impressed with the connections with "bonus materials" and recommended research and tools he presented. I really enjoyed how the presentation of Cirque du Soleil was very specific in the ways that they tore down the box they came from. He outlined a general idea of the change, and then very specific points where changes were made.
The only thing that displeased me was the several "image breaks". I recognized the intent - moving images draw focus, and a variety stimulates connections in the mind. But they might be able to be refined a bit. Maybe consider a long intro on, and simpler, shorter, section breaks.
- Westleyd


At first I was not sure about a ten-minute video clip telling me about business ops. But it turned out to be very educational as well as entertaining. Well done.
- Constar989


I thought this was a great podcast. It encourages you to challenge the way you do business and advertise. It is also set up for easy reference if you want to watch a section again. To a new or well established business owner the ideas may seem a little scary, but this will show you examples of how these ideas have worked in the past and give you ideas for your own business.


I thought this podcast was every informational… the part on cirque du soleil was very interesting… and showed a point to change to what people want… thanks.


I really enjoyed Andrew's soothing yet upbeat approach. I will tell you what he "doo-ed". He had a voice that reminded me Mrs. Doubtfire. Unconventional - just like the successful marketing tactics of Cirque du Soleil - Bravo!!
- Carinza


This video is well done and is very informative. It even has some cool graphics along with giving some great tips.
- Mike


I have a business and your tips will help me tremendously. I am trying to work on a slogan right now. I adore marketing and your marketing tips are fabulous. Thanks for the video.
- Unique4U


Andrew knows how to get your attention and keep it. With his excellent intonation and awesome use of eye catching colors and graphics throughout, you will enjoy learning what Andrew has to share about marketing.
- Barb7598


Great video with some very insightful info taken from easy to understand information. Bravo Mr. Lock!


I felt like I have learned quite a bit from this podcast - it was easy to understand and it help my interest. Andrew Lock is very entertaining and also a lot about the ins and outs of marketing, and is great for someone who does not know a lot about it but wants to learn (like myself).
Ms Oggi


This 10 minute video was simple and fun to watch. As a marketing student I really enjoyed the commentary by the host and liked the personal stories about his "unconventional" marketing experiences.
- Womynadv


I found this to be very interesting in the fact that I agree that the best marketing for any company is the behavior of their employees. I am a firm believer in customer satisfaction and word of mouth being the best marketing tools any company can have. People like to talk and people like to be knowledgeable and the point in this video shows that it is important to have outstanding customer service skills even if there is no benefit for the employee.
- Jayn


I love the concept of this no nonsense approach to marketing. The advice makes absolute sense and is something that can be applied immediately in any business. I am definitely going to subscribe to this show. I loved the Lemmings reference, great game, and oh so true in the Corporate world. Maybe by listening to Andrew's advice, even I can get off the Lemming train.
- Miahar…


This video was very interesting. It was informative and also interesting to watch. The guy in the video is funny, and I think the video taught me a lot. I would recommend watching this.
- Rg235782


I am not into marketing. I never plan to be in marketing. It is a subject that does not really appeal to me at all.  That being said, I really enjoyed this podcast. The set is very nice, the graphics and sound were both every good and Andrew was very entertaining in presenting a topic to me, that I really do not know anything about and that I have never thought I wanted to know anything about. I especially enjoyed the Cirque du Soleil segment.


I enjoyed the energy and good production. Though at times the set seemed too over produced, the information was interesting.
- Wt


The information was presented in an interesting and attention grabbing way. All of his suggestions are very useful from the perspective of someone starting a business. Thanks.
- JT


I have never seen these videos before, but this Andrew Lock is good. He is very informative and has great ideas when it comes to marketing a business. I will be checking back with him again.
- Munch


Good business advice.  Great video for anyone in business.


I expected this to be either inane and excessively "edgy" or stupid and inane, but it turned out to be neither. This show was both interesting and informative, adding humor to a subject that is commonly treated in a much more boring fashion.


Andrew takes the subject of marketing and makes it entertaining and useful. Andrew shows that the answer to complex marketing issues can be quite simple, but always obvious as you must think outside the box. I highly recommend this podcast.


Very well done, Andrew Lock! Like many customers out there, I did not know what to expect when tentatively opened the site. However, it was every through and informative and is now a hit among family and friends! Great, great job!   Keep up the great work.
- Thom


Andrew gives great advice on how to stand out with your business. Such as the plumber who painted a man on the toilet on the side of his truck door so that it looks like he is doing his business while driving. Great advice from out of the box.
- Harl


I like Andrew's approach in his show. He gives great advice and uses wonderful examples and stories to illustrate his points. Very effective.
- Lindse


Andrew is great because he gives wonderful examples and does not bore you with a great deal of official sounding terms. He demonstrates good ideas and how you can apply them to you own business. He is also entertaining. Love the shirt.
- Ecoy


I really enjoyed Andrew's presentation and his tips were insightful and helpful. I am looking forward to the next installment in the series. Andrew's approach is fresh and fun, and the real-work examples he offers are very thought provoking.
- Kathleen M


Very to the point, with examples of good marketing (any why there are better than other) while being informational, Andrew Lock's subtle use of humor also keeps things entertaining.
- M L


Andrew has some great tips and advice and I like how he uses real ads to explain why they are successful. I like the nifty clicks segment of the show too!
- Elir


Interesting ideas to help promote small business.
- Angelse


I was skeptical, but I enjoyed this video. He manages to get across business ideas in ways anyone can understand without talking down to us.
- SlaterS


Andrew Lock is to marketing what Suze Orman is to finance. He is able to simple yet efficiently give you common sense ideas that could easily be applied to your business. There is also a section of his show that will give you the resources needed to put the plans into action called nifty click. This is a wonderful resource for those whose business is going through a slump, especially in this market. This is also a wonderful refresher for those who have a successful business. There is always room to improve and Andrew Lock will help you get there.
- CindyT


I really liked how he showed examples so he is not just telling you things to do. I am in the marketing industry and it really explains the essence of standing out among competitors.
- Jerse


This podcast is great. It is well produced and offers great advice that is easy to follow. States things simply but effectively and makes even some boring topics interesting.
- Seamons


So many businesses would benefit from thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing.
- CC Mhit


I like this video because it uses humor along with important information. Because of the humor I was able to stay entertained by what would normally be a boring amount of information.
- Ballhog19


I honestly was not sure this would be very useful, but he presents a lot of very straightforward ways to improve business. It is entertaining and useful for everyone, regardless of what part of a business they serve in. most importantly, it is fun too, and easy to relate to.
- Kimsa


While I must confess the humor of the host is not quite to my taste, the show was actually quite effective at conveying a basic credo. Everything is marketing and marketing is everything. In a service oriented enterprise of any type, customer-business relations are key. Whatever you can do to get noticed (in naming, advertising, customer relations, or product differentiation) will improve your business success opportunities.
- Todd


Not only are there some great tips here, but for a business owner like me, they are useful. This show holds my attention also with Andrew Lock as the host. Thank you, Andrew
And keep up the good work.
- Kitkats4


Helpful and entertaining video.  This video greatly helped me with ways to entertain customers and how to make some nice one-click web graphics. Thanks.
- Specktrick


I am not really into marketing but this was interesting. I love hearing real life stories - makes it personal.
- KSlager


This was actually my first time viewing this show and must say it is rather interesting. I would highly recommend it to friends because it is fresh and has a great layout. I really loved the topics he covered and can not wait until next one.
- Chickide00


This is a really interesting series. I especially like the integration of links and images into the video and the suggestion are really quite useful.
- Brett Day


Nice break from the rating. I like that Andrew helps people with their business.
- Jvle


Andrew offers interesting and insightful tips to improve your business. I especially like the hard examples he gives of contemporary business. His humor and disposition also make it a lot easier to watch than some of the other business podcast out there.
- Cinematog


Very interesting video, I especially like the part about customer service on the tour bus. I have worked customer service and I see how your suggestion really work.
- KD


I like this video a lot because it is really down-to-earth and easy to watch. It is not some boring business man trying to tell you about marketing issues but a fun guy, with funny shirt presenting a well-planned out mini-lecture. I specifically like the "click" spots where he tells you about a website and the examples he showed (a sample ad form a business) to help us understand what is important to do. This is a good video to watch for some tips and pointers and it's not boring.
- PB


Video is entertaining and informative. I especially liked the question and answers period. Clever used of examples that most business people can relate to. Nice use of graphics and color.


I really like this because it was not all stiff and stuck up. While many of people who start businesses have MBAs and wear suits, some are just average Joes who want to call their own shots. This video talked about using humor and off-the-wall ideas to make your business stand out from the crowd. I think it shows how to let the human side of your business (which is you, the owner) be recognized and appreciated.
- AndeeSue


He makes everything easy to understand and is very helpful. I also liked the simple, yet fun layout of the show.
- Renaldo


This is an interesting, if not as "unconventional" as it claims in its title.
The host seems to have good, slightly unusual ideas, and presents them in an easy to follow manner built for those of us without much free time on our hands. Nice little takeaways that any entrepreneurial individual, even if they are not a business owner, can use.


This video is really helpful for small business owners. I liked how he pointed out good ways to market themselves by providing good service as a tour lady did for him in London. Also, I liked how he showed examples of unique ways to advertise that drew in people's attention.


It was a great show that was insightful yet entertaining. I looked to episodes yet to come.
- RaelynD


I have heard about this show and was skeptical but just saw the latest episode and Andrew has some great ideas. He also show lots of examples and breaks it down as to why those marketing strategies work.
- FatHP


This is one of the best online shows that I have ever seen. Great tips, information, and insight for a serious entrepreneur. Congrats and much success.
- Bla


This video explained a lot of things that I did not know about how to "market" your business. Personal touched tend to enhance the business. Everything a rep does in considered marketing. It gave a lot of Q&A parts to help get an idea of how to promote your business, by being unconventional and catchy logos help draw customers in.
- Jen F


Information is better retained when it is memorable; Andrew's show accomplished that with enough humor to keep his useful marketing tips interesting.


Andrew has some really great ideas and he presents them in an entertaining there. One of the best ways to get your business noticed is to market yourself in unique ways that people remember. I really liked his Cirque de Soleil examples of how to take an existing business and make it new and different.
- Anne1217


I really enjoy this video. It has a lot of good info.
- Fatima


Watched episode 9 a few moments ago and it was full of very useful advice on marketing your business and delivered in a very easy to understand and conventional tone. Would recommend this show to anyone who is starting a new business or who has an existing business but needs to increase sales via marketing.
- Cabin F


A very informative video, useful information in a non-boring way. And his accent helps to make it more interesting.
- Lu


I thought this video contained some very useful information for people of all types of business. This video will give you great customer service tips along with advertising and sales advice as well, overall a good marketing show.
- CGillen


I do not know much about marketing, however this information is very easy to understand and will be easy to apply. I feel videos allow anyone with a good yet falling business to improve and make a better living form it. He uses a great examples to relate common problems and provide a short history of the example company so you can understand why this is a good example.
- Newtonian


Andrew Lock's use of lemmings as marketing ideas is delightful. The segments were entertaining and informative, and I found myself laughing out loud at the start trek reference.
- Qot L


While a little quirky, Andrew has great tips for small business owners everywhere. I like how he uses real world examples, from local ads to international corporations. Two thumbs up.
- Elle


These videos are really helpful and entertainingI think anyone needing some advice on how to effectively market their business should really take the time to watch these videos.


Andrew's webisodes area true asset to the business community. Not only does he provide fresh insight to everyday business conundrums, but he does so in a friendly and entertaining way. It is so nice to see important conveyed in a simple, effective and concise way. Kudos to Andrew!
- Schimpf


This guy really knows his stuff. For young, up and coming business, this video is great. Manysmall and simple tips which can help one to get their business going. Besides, the guy accent is awesome.
- BS Ween


Andrew reveals great tips to help smaller business and give example of why they work. A must see for small business owners looking for new marketing practices.
- Bobaganoo


Andrew helps out the viewer with some great tips and advice. Subscription to podcast can wind up being very profitable in the long run.
- Tally H


Excellent made video for business owner to watch. A lot of great ideas and suggestion and well put together. The videos are easy to watch, quality programs, addressing real life issues with real world fixes. Everyone should definitely check them out.
- BHS Drumer


The host is funny. The content is great back to watch episodes I missed. Very informative, and helpful if you have a web based business. BRAVO.
- Sherim


First, I love the accent. I feel like British people can make anything they are saying sound intelligent. On a more serious note, however, you did a great job keeping me entertained and watching the show. Because you did not make it drab like those infomercial on TV, I really paid attention to everything you had to say. Nice Job.
- LW


What a great idea for a show. It was very informative and funny at the same time.


Entertaining and informative at the same time. I especially enjoyed the review of loyalty programs, Andrew's views make perfect sense.
- Carl S


I thought this podcast may not apply to me, given that it is based in the UK and I am an American, but I actually found it quit enjoyable and found the advice for how to bring traffic to my website most helpful. Definitely give this a try and see how it works for you.
- Crystal C


This show is awesome. It shows the viewer ways to expand their consumer base and market their product in a funny and informative way. 5 stars!
- LiosRB


 Provides useful online marketing tips, which I have applied to my own business.
- Stp


Andrew's Got it "Lock"ed Up.  Never mind his well modulated and smooth speaking voice… the real pleasure is his great advice and practical information. An enjoyable podcast that delivers real world examples of what works and what does not. Sign me up.


I absolutely loved Andrew's accent… I also really appreciated his honesty about the idiots on the Donald Trump show. His visuals were a big help to ensure that the viewer fully understood his explanations.
- Adia


He has a lot good information. Good for anyone who is thinking of starting a business or already has one. Use your smarts people.
- Sugar Sugar


I recently showed this video to a few of my friends who were also trying to bring more traffic to their website, and they loved your advice. The video was very interesting and I really enjoyed it.
- Hendric


That was fantastic funny show.  I loved the show that was pretty funny the part about the apprentice, good job, I will await the next show.
- PQ


I really enjoyed the whole cheerful comic aspect of this program, especially the introduction. It was very informative and hit many issues people face on the spot. I had a good laugh, learned, learned a lot and will continue to watch for sure.
- WeeLilpe


‘Help!' is great. I have watched and implemented the ideas from here and so far everything works great. Its fun, its informative, and an all around great video series.
- Rob T


This is an unusually well put together clip. The production is fast paced with high end graphics and the narrator is clear and well spoken. A good balance where the message does not get buried in glitz, but neither is it delivered in monotone with a whiteboard. Well done.


Andrew Lock was great in commenting about the English Version of the Apprentice - esp. the 24 hour phone line. I also liked the ‘ask Andrew' segment and thanks to it I found a new favorite site in


Tons of great ideas and entertaining to watch. Very well put together.
- SanCatalina


Helpful and funny, Andrew Lock uses web broadcasting to bring you interest information as well as enjoyable commentary on both new technology and business ideas as well as business related pop culture. Entertaining and informative, I give it 5 Stars.
- Bond


Since I am working on a new website the segment on the ways to get people to actually look at a new site was a great help. I will be testing those ideas out and hopefully it will give me the jump start I need.
- Mete


This show is awesome. I learned a lot about good deals you can find through customer loyaltyprograms at and they are great. I also found out about a lot tips to use to get more traffic on your websites that will be invaluable to me. I can not wait to see a new episode.
- Jared B


This podcast is very helpful and gives me exceptional advice on improving my business and increasing my revenue. Thank you so much.


First of all I love the accent. Makes the topics even more interesting. What a fun approach to sharing such relevant information.
- A Burrows


This podcast taught me so much about e-marketing. I will be watching it every time it is updated. Andrew share a lot of knowledge about creating more business online. He also talks about some other business ideas that are very helpful.
- Awal


Andrew Lock provides us with surely entertaining wisdom for starting a business. As info packed as a top-notch college marketing lesson minus the boring professor.


Andrew gave me some simple and useful insight and how to get more traffic for my .com. I will be starting an online business in 2009 and his simple language was useful to me.
- B Rox


I really enjoy Andrew Lock's sense of humor and great use of graphics. It is extremely helpful how he incorporates examples that can actually view. Keep up the great work.


I really enjoyed the episode on airline. It was very informative.
- Bc


I really like this video blog. The use of images that pop up creates a better environment to listen and watch. Also, if you show something as a demo, and we are not interested, we do not have to waste our time. I also love the little markings in the time line that show where you will be having a link pop up and if I miss it I can go back to it.
- Tinkerjan


Very entertaining podcast filled with loads of helpful information. I like watching it even if I am not in business.
- Taman


Its basically a show about internet marketing has some really great ideas that could be used, its entertaining to watch.
- Marj


Watching this video gave me many ideas of what I could surf for on the web. He is very helpful with starting an internet business and suggests really interesting pages that I probably never would have found.
- SBK 75


I found this to be interesting. The reviews by Andrew were very informative and well thought out. The actual video and the presentation was well done.
- Mvm


I really love this. It was so hilarious. A great combination of wit and knowledge. It really gave me some new ideas on how to make money online. It also showed how not to act when trying to get new business.
- TW


"Help My Business" is a fun and interesting podcast that answers question about particularly relating to the internet. Many of the subjects covered are quickly and unknown, and the host Andrew describes step-by-step how to exploit these opportunities.
My favorite aspect of "Help My Business" are the live link balloons that pop up during certain parts of the podcast. The really great is that one can return easily to each link balloon, because the location is clearly marked on the progress bar at the bottom of the video screen.
- Caroline C


I saw the video, and was shocked at how passionate you are about your work. It needs a bit more life however, maybe that is something you could incorporate for the future. Overall, I though the episode was fun.
- Kim82


This show is very entertaining and very enlightening. Andrew himself is a very entertaining personality with the way he presents himself and the information he provides. The beginning of the show about ‘The Apprentice' was very humorous. How are those people even on that show? I learned a bit about the website for YouTube and that was very interesting and will be used in the future. Overall, the show was nicely edited and keeps your interest.
- DarkAngel07


Common video provides common sense and new ways to expand your business. This helpful information will allow your business to network and find new contacts.


I love this guy. He gives great advice, and best of all, it is realistic. I do not want some guy that is never left his million-dollar office telling me how to save my business. This guys great -check it out today.
- Pro WGA


Andrew Lock's series is inspirational with a dash of humor. Like any good business venture it emphasizes do what you love, do not take life too seriously, and success is yours to own.
- Amanada M


I loved the bit about Apprentice, seems it is the same no matter which side of the pond you are on. Also, was very interested in how to drive business to a website… I am going to use those tips.
- Jules R


It tool me a few minutes to warm up to this show, but I am glad that I stuck with it. The host is likable and friendly, and he clearly knows what he is talking about. A British accent never hurts, either. I also learned quite a bit.
- Hillary N


If you do not have a loyalty program you should definitely consider one. Do not make a mistake with it. And use it as a way to build your business. This is a great idea. You want to build your customer base and then work on building income. They work hand in hand. This guy is on the right track.


What an upbeat, candid and totally REAL show. I watch the Apprentice so Andrew's comments made me giggle as they mirrored my own thought when I was watching the episodes. I wrote down a couple of the links that Andrew mentioned in his show... to go have a look... also am going to watch the previous shows of his as I really liked this one.
- Kippi W


This is great… Andrew really gives you some great tips in an easy useful fun way. This guy is pretty funny also. You have to check out Dodgy Car Dealers. He really provides great insight into how you can improve as an entrepreneur.  Thanks Andrew


This is the first time I have listened to Andrew Lock and he is very insightful. The recent post on Trump's show about the laundry was hilarious and Andrew gave many great ideas to learn from this horrible display of business sense. I would highly recommend Help.
- CMark


Very entertaining and informative. An excellent resource for internet marketing! A+
- Python


Entertaining and educational.  Andrew is entertaining and knowledgeable. Nifty clicks, although short, is a great source of information about new things on the web. Worth the 10 minutes it took to watch.
- U G


Really cool things explained were not overly complicated and marketing ideas are easy to do and can be done fast for some quick attention.
- Bobo I


I love stumbling upon great things, finding this podcast is like finding money on the street. I do not own a business but makes me want to start one. Keep up the great shows.
- Frockstar4


I found this show to be a great resource to learn simple marketing tips for your online business. The fact that it is also entertaining is a plus.


The information about getting to Masons blogged has helped me out very much.
- Tall Cincy


I like how laid-back and funny Andrew is, he makes you learn things without realizing it.
- DlRium Star


Very catchy title. Thanks for showing the people in the U.S. that some UK people are "incompetent" with marketing strategies. LOL very interesting information. Thanks
- Melissa Joe


I love love love this show and think it is great that there is finally someone out there who can present useful information and entertaining people at the same time. Keep the episode coming.
- White Ola


This is a well written, entertaining show with many helpful marketing tips. Overall, a very solid podcast.
- Charlemagne Hill


I really like what they have done with small business. Its awesome.
- Acsh


Not my favorite, but I really like this guy's humor.
- Burnin A


I like the advice this guy gives. Most of it seems sensible, if not revolutionary.
- La


What is it Andrew, the production quality? The content? The nifty clicks? I guess it is all of the above. I just really look forward to watch the show each week. I get the best info. And I have to say that the professional looking set really is refreshing! How would you do that?
- Ashedowne


I thought the IKEA example of turning a negative into a positive was great. I had never really thought about IKEA that way. In fact, they do such a good job that I see shopping there as a fun, adventurous and money saving experience that I forget that it is actually a huge warehouse full of boxes
- TW


Very informative and upbeat. It really gave a lot of good information that I had not thought about.
- AmyLynne


I enjoyed this marketing episode. I thought it was thoughtfully delivered and interesting to watch. Since I am not much of a marketing person it was interesting to be made aware of marketing strategies and why they do work. I could identify with both examples of IKEA, the care salesman and the appeal of personal service. I thought the transition tags were a little cheesy but overall it held my interested and was a fun and light way to get across some practical advice without boring the audience. Nice.
- Kdcsh


Great information. I never miss an episode. Always a great message and links to make my life easier.
- ChinarD


I look forward to the new episode each week. Andrew is funny and his down to earth marketing tips are great. I have found his "nifty clicks" to be extremely useful.
- AgoraGuy


This is a great podcast. As a soon to be small business owner I am always on the look out for advice on the things I can do to help my business along and not destroy it. I look forward to the next podcast and will be subscribing to this one.
- ProudM


Thank you for providing a clear, concise, and witty tutorial on how to better a business. Your insight and clear speaking make these videos a pleasure to view. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends. Thank you.
- Cayteaze


Andrew is a doll and very personable. I loved the segment on IKEA, especially the idea about turning positives into negatives. Everyone hates care salesmen and I have always suspected they are sharing water cooler jokes when they are supposed to be "discussing" your deal. It would have been nice if you had shared one of the "sleazy tricks" they use to bump up the price of the car. Great show, I was absolutely entranced. Thanks.
- CeeCee


Not too bad. I just stumble across this site and it actually has some pretty good tips. I have not had a chance to go back and look at all of the videos but the ones I have watched so far have been very helpful. One neat tip I saw on one of the videos I watched was talking about competition. Most people would think that the best way to go in a new business was to find a niche in which ther is not much competition already existing. Andrew brought up the idea that it is better to find a niche in which there are already existing businesses because you know they are making a profit, proving there is money in the venture. Unique, to say the least.
- Lyne


I could not imagine enjoying a marketing podcast but after reading the other reviews I thought I had try one before subscribing. I am back to subscribe. I learned a lot in the first episode. This is the most creative and fun way to look at marketing that I have seen.
- BarbK


I might not be able to use everything in each episode but there is always at least one thing that is applicable.
- Luck


It is smart and entertaining, and nitpicks at the good and bad of business.
- Windowz


The part that totally made me laughs. "We understand that consumers would be frustrated with another fee". Though the whole thing is pretty silly and really makes you wonder where all these executive people come from. Mars maybe!
- Dark Griffin


It inspires you to see things form a different perspective. It can make you a selling machine.
- SoyTuCoach


Great show, a very handy way to not only gain some new information but also some new tools for the business through the nifty clicks.  Always entertaining. Love the shirts.
- Schifferle


There is a lot of very useful information presented here. Nice format. I recommend Andrew's show to anyone who is thinking about going into business.
- SpaceTwinkie


Andrew Lock your new business marketing show is the best I have seen. Your expert advice and wonderful humor make watching your show as well as reading your newsletter a pleasure. You have another big winner on your hands with this show.
- ScottCM


Every episode is fantastic. Just as the title states. It is a bit unconventional, but that information, ideas and resources are always spot on. It is always a 10 minutes I thoroughly enjoy.
- CSalis


Andrew is awesome. This is not like learning form a boring business book or lecture. Quite the opposite actually. Andrew is very entertaining. You will learn a lot from his great advice. I look forward to his videos every week.
- Suasanan


Andrew has a keen marketing sense and a knack for finding phenomenal resources for any business. Each episode offers solid info you can use right away and see results. His British wit and accent also make it fun to watch.
- Jason Van Orden


I enjoy listening to the periodic, no nonsense, down to earth commentary and tips. Sometime blunt. Thank you, Andrew, for your insights.
- Arch


This show is always helpful, organized and entertaining.  Andrew is always giving good examples of current businesses, in marketing, and helps people who have or want to start a business. And it is entertaining. If you have a sense of humor, you will get a kick out of it.
- Rose


...has some interesting things to say, add some marketing and entertaining to your week.
- Haslo


I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about a web tv show to teach internet marketing concepts.. but, after watching the first episode. I know this was different. Andrew did not bomb you with hundreds of ideas, but rather hit you with short actionable concepts to implement. I love the show and watch each one as they are released. Keep up the good work. -Todd Thompson


Love this show! It is got just the right amount of useful information with a perfect splash of humor.  Watch this show, you won't regret it.
- Mr Evangelist


Lock does a wonderful job of covering a lot valuable material in an easy to understand and concise manner.  The topics are varied and very helpful to business owners. I have gained important information from every show. My favorite part is the Nifty Clicks, so nice to have someone else research for me for a change. Than you so much for helping me out in my business.


Andrew Lock's humorous approach to business marketing allows you to easily assimilate the information and remember it.  With Andrew and his "every day life" examples, gone are the days of boring, dry marketing approaches. I highly recommend this program.
- NsaDoc


I always look forward to Andy Lock's show because I know the content will be useful and he wont waste my time. And he manages to be entertaining, too.
- George Jackson


Always entertaining. Highly useful information and few minutes. Take some time and watch each episode, you will definitely get something you can use immediately. Andrew - keep up the good work.
- I E


Andrew, your show is incredible and although I love watching it on the internet, I can not wait until it is on TV. At one time I thought that my business was so incredible that people should be breaking down my door to have the chance to buy from me. After months of no business, I learned that I had to market to have a business and I have had a successful company since then.
- Sheepdog74


I have been tuning in since episode #1 and I have to tell you this is the most professional, highest production quality business broadcast I have ever followed. Its visual appeals is only outdone by its spot on content and easy to digest and implement business lessons.
- Scott Boulch


This information is very good and very practice. People can learn a lot if they pay attention.
- Brett99


Andrew is great. His "Help" video segments are full of insightful comments and information. I find his approach refreshing, entertaining and -best of all - enlightening. Check him out. He want to help me (and you) "get more done and have fun"
-Mike Davis


I really like this quick hit marketing advice. I have a marketing degree but I can not think of everything. This little tidbit of marketing advice sparks many ideas that I just did not think about. Plus the nifty clicks are excellent resources that have helped save us money. Gotta love that.
- Lisa S


I look forward to Andrew's show. They provoke great thought and are filled good information. Worth watching on a regular basis.
- Leo


Andrew is the best son in the world.
- Dad and Mom
(Aw, thanks).


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